Ideal Christmas Gifts Your Bearded Men Will Love

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Ideal Christmas Gifts Your Bearded Men Will Love

You can barely buy a bottle of milk without hearing a Mariah Cary, Michael Bublé, or Boney M song. You know what that means? Christmas is coming! 

And although Christmas is a time of love, joy, and goodwill to all, it can also be a time of sheer panic. Especially after a long year that's drained your creative juices. 

Here you'll definitely find something for the man in your life, and if that man is a bearded man, even better. Also, we won't judge if you're the bearded man in your life – it was a hard year, treat yourself. So, put the socks back on the shelf and read this list. 

Without any further ado, here's our ultimate Christmas gift guide. 

Gift Guide: 

Sports jersey

If he's a sports enthusiast and passionate about a specific team. Find a New Jersey or team apparel he can wear on game day to support his team. Just make sure he doesn't already own it. 

Mat's Beard Bar®, The Original

Perfect for a bearded man! This gadget is specially designed to pick up all those nasty beard trimmings in the sink after a shave. It's also easy to use – just wet the antimicrobial sponge, wipe the sink, and rinse off. Done!

The Original Mat's Beard Bar

Mat's Beard Bar® Pro Version 2.0

Another bearded man favorite. All the benefits of Mat's Beard Bar®, The Original, but with thicker and more absorbent foam and a better gripped handle. But the best part, it's flexible, so you can get every nook and cranny cleaned. 

Mat's Beard Bar Pro (Version 2.0)


A nice bottle of wine, whisky, bourbon, or his go-to drink is always a great gift. Or, if he's more of a beer drinker, find a selection of craft or imported beers to give him.

Beard balm or oil

Not only will this keep your bearded man's pride and joy soft and healthy, but it will also tame unruly hairs, keeping his beard looking neat and tidy. And it smells great. 


Whether he's a sucker for luxury brands or prefers something more practical, a nice watch is always a welcome gift.

Man wearing watch


Another great option if you know his taste is a new pair of shoes. Just ensure you get the right size, or ask if he can return them if needed. The return option is also great if he prefers a different pair. 

Handmade soaps 

There are some really delicious and manly handmade soaps available nowadays. These soaps are mostly made from natural ingredients, which will work wonders for your bearded man's skin. Soaps make perfect stocking fillers; just don't pair them with sweets. 

5 Full Set Mat's Premium Handmade Bar Soaps

Spa day

Gone are the days when spas are only for women. Men work hard and are in just as much need to de-stress and be pampered. So, why not treat him to a day at the spa with a massage, facial, and more?


Is there a game, show, music fest, or event he would love to go to? Try and get him tickets. Depending on the price and if other people are already going, you can either buy one or more. 

Beard tools

Must-haves for any bearded man's arsenal. These will include your clippers, trimmers, scissors, or combs, all the things he needs to keep his beard looking sharp and stylish. 

Beard Tools


For the reader on your list, get him a new release by his favorite author or a classic he's been meaning to read. Remember to write an inscription. 


You can never go wrong with a nice and cozy winter robe. We all need a cuddle sometimes, especially on a chilly morning. That's your robe's time to shine!

Rope for men


When you know you smell good, you just feel better about your day. The added bonus is that he'll think of you every time he smells it. 


You can choose from millions of different subscriptions as long as it's something he will enjoy. There are apps, streaming services, newspapers, magazines, and monthly specialty boxes; the list goes on. 

Whatever you decide to get your guy, as long as you give it with love and thought, he'll love it. We know because, well, whether he's your brother, father, partner, or son, he'll love it because he loves you. 

Happy shopping!