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Mat's Beard Bar is the best way to clean up beard trimmings. Sleek design, bacteria and mildew resistant, effective and easy to use.

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The Pro (v2.0) Series: New and Improved


The Beard Bar's redesigned flexible handle provides enhanced cleaning, effortlessly conforming to various sink contours.

Upgraded Holder

The Holder's interior grooves efficiently cleanse the Beard Bar of hairs, streamlining the process of disposing hair-laden water into the toilet swiftly and effortlessly.

Customer Feedback

Our Pro Series Beard Bar and Holder, inspired by your valuable feedback on the original, were crafted to deliver an enhanced experience like never before.

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What our customers are saying

“Mat’s Beard Bar has been on my bathroom vanity for a long time now, I love being able to make cleaning up beard hairs a fast and easy task. The new version of the beard bar works like a charm, and looks even better with the new holder!”

Anthony S.

Mat's Beard Bar & Holder Pro v2.0

“I highly suggest checking out Mat's Beard Bar, its a life changer.”

Joseph M.

Mat's Beard Bar Pro v2.0