About Me

They say all good products start out with solving a problem... Mine was seeing my roommate's beard trimmings on the bathroom sink.

Hey, I'm Mat - like most of you I've seen way too many beard trimmings in bathrooms, so I want to figure out a way to solve it. I tried talking to my roommate and after realizing toilet paper isn't going to do the trick, I tried to buy something online.

But to my surprise, nothing existed! So I decided to make my ideal product. As I was researching, I found multiple ways to make my tool better than any other solutions like having an anti-microbial sponge, having a handle that can get in a tight corner, and aesthetics like it belongs in a bathroom among other things.

After getting my patent and trademark on my product, I made a couple of videos on TikTok in Nov 2020. After my first viral video and getting flooding with orders, I have not stopped creating my beard bars with a mission of Making sure anyone with a beard has a beard bar to go along with it.

Here's a picture of me hard at work shipping out some beard bars! 😁

Mat sitting on a desk with a computer