Original - Mat's Beard Bar

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The first beard bar designed to clean up beard trimmings!

The perfect gift for that man with a great beard or yourself! The antimicrobial sponge is specifically made to clean up all beard trimmings after a shave. Simply dampen the sponge, wipe until clean and rinse off when done. Its smooth and simple design fits well onto vanities or in a drawer.

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Recommended to replace every 3-6 months depending on how often it is used!

Length x Width x Height:
5.5” x 1” x 1.25"

Customer Reviews

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Katelyn Kuniak
Leaves my sink wet

It does it’s job.. totally. But it does it the same way I could do it with a rag, Kleenex, toilet paper. Also, it leaves my sink all wet so I have to wipe it up after just to dry it off. If it didn’t leave my sink wet, it would be worth it. But I still have to go back over with a tissue to dry it up, might as well just use that tissue in the first place.

I still respect the product and will use it here and there. I hope the wet factor can get sorted out

Could not recommend this more

My parcel got lost in the way and the same day i contacted them they sent out a new parcel that got delivered the same week. Loved the beard bar. Hope this business gets the recognition it deserves!

Deanna Chandler
Great tool!

Anything that can get my husband to consistently wipe down his sink is deserving of 5 stars! I don’t see any hair when he’s done shaving. Yay!!!!!

Steve Whitefoot

Original - Mat's Beard Bar

Jennifer McCorkle
Amazing product!

I bought this for my husband in hopes it would help with all the beard trimmings that he “misses” and it totally saved that day! The bar cleans up the counter really easily and it’s easy to clean the bar itself.