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  • NEW Mat's Beard Bar Pro Version 2.0, front view
  • NEW Mat's Beard Bar Pro Version 2.0, front view
  • NEW Mat's Beard Bar Pro Version 2.0, picture of the bar in a bathroom
  • NEW Mat's Beard Bar Pro Version 2.0, angle view
  • NEW Mat's Beard Bar Pro Version 2.0, on top of a soap platform
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Mat's Beard Bar

[NEW] Mat's Beard Bar™ Pro (Version 2.0)

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The 2nd Version of the first Beard Bar designed to clean up beard trimmings! The perfect gift for that man with a great beard or yourself! The antimicrobial sponge is specifically made to clean up all beard trimmings after a shave. Simply dampen the sponge, wipe until clean and rinse off when done. Its smooth and simple design fits well onto vanities or in a drawer. Recommended to replace the Beard Bar every 6-12 months depending on how often it is used!

New Benefits in Version 2.0!

[NEW] Flexible: The Beard Bar is now flexible and curves around sinks!

[NEW] Even Less Hair Stuck In Foam: A new thicker foam means dramatically fewer pesky hairs caught in the foam for faster and easier cleaning!

[NEW] Upgraded Manufacturing: Smoother, more ergonomic, and a better gripped handle for a more satisfying clean-up experience!

[NEW] More Absorbent: Our new foam holds up to 25 times its own weight in water, leaving less water behind!

Plus all of the Best Parts of Version 1.0

ZERO BEARD TRIMMINGS AROUND SINKS: Mat's Beard Bar is the quickest and most effective way to clean beard trimmings and beard hairs from sinks and counters after a man shaves.

INSTANT RESULTS: Simply wet the Beard Bar under the sink, rinse out excess water on the side of the sink, sweep the beard bar along surfaces around the sink and counter, and finally rinse out beard trimmings in the sink or Beard Bar Holder.

BUILT FOR EFFICIENCY: Silly alternatives make you reach under the sink, and attach yourself to the mirror. The Beard Bar was designed with ease in mind. Leave it out next to your sink. This is a great men's grooming gift for any man, whether it is a holiday gift or a birthday gift.

AESTHETIC VISUAL REMINDER: The sleek and prominent design fits any bathroom sink and reminds anyone to clean up after shaving. Keep it next to your sink to remind you to always clean up after shaving. Now you can get rid of those beard aprons, beard bibs, or newspaper rolls tucked under that sink.