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Mat's Beard Bar

Mat's Beard Bar Holder + 1 Original Beard Bar

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The perfect tool to complement the beard bar!

Keep the beard bar hidden and dry when not used! The Beard Bar Holder also doubles as a water container to rinse out your razor when shaving. Simply fill up the container halfway with water and periodically clean off the razor of beard hairs as you shave! Once done flush down the toilet and set it back for next time's use!

Recommended to replace every 3-12 months depending on how often it is used!

Length x Width x Height:

Beard Bar: 4.75” x 0.75” x 1.25"
Holder: 5" x 2.25" x 1.25"

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Love this product! My husbands whiskers are so easily cleaned up!

Florjeta L.

Mat's Beard Bar Holder + 1 Original Beard Bar

Meghan B.
Simple but AWESOME

This product is so simple but was LIFE CHANGING in our house. It used to drive me INSANE when my husband shaved because his beard hair ALWAYS ended up ALL over the sink. Now, I don't even have to ask him to wipe it up because he loves the Beard Bar! This thing is saving the sanity of wives everywhere lol

Jesse P.
Great Idea, Good Product

I really like my Mat's Beard Bar! It's far from perfect, but it gets the job done and I'm happy to support a fledgling business.

Rebecca R.
Relationship Saver

I know it’s a small issue… but the beard hair EVERYWHERE… was driving me nuts! I stopped using the master bath and let him be as gross as he wanted and used the spare… THEN he’d come into the spare and shave for some unknown reason (to piss me off?). Literal arguments insued… FB was listening in on us and I got a pop up for this product. $20 is worth avoiding an argument… tried it… and literal so grateful that I’m getting another! Literally SOOO simple but works and he actually uses it! Worth every penny over the $0.50 it cost them to make it.

Grace M.
Great for my hairy man

My guy shaves and leaves hair everywhere, and this does the trick. Good for getting tricky curves on the sink!

Karlie K.
It is okay

The Beard Bar is okay. It fulfills the need at keeping our sink clean after beard trims. However, the quality of the product was less than I expected. Very lightweight plastic dish makes me feel like it is cheap. We will continue using the Beard Bar though.

Bryan T.
With the money

Worked great

Rachel P.

Mat's Beard Bar Holder + 1 Original Beard Bar

ShaRae S.
Still have not received

I think it is stupid to ask for a review when you haven’t even shipped out the request product for over a week and a half.

Hello. These email reviews are automated and on a rare occurrence can be sent early so we apologize about that. We have already shipped out your order as you can see that with the tracking information you got in an email from us when we shipped it out.

Looks like your package is delayed, we will reach out (in a separate email to protect your private information) and are happy to help!