The BEST Gifts for Bearded Men during this 2022

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The BEST Gifts for Bearded Men during this 2022

Everybody loves a great gift. And the only thing better than receiving a great gift is giving one. In fact, studies show that the act of giving gifts releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, especially when you are able to see the recipient’s face upon opening the gift. 

However, sometimes, this can be a painstaking process. Not knowing what to get a special person in your life can do quite the opposite, and leave you feeling anxious. And if your gift recipient is male, it may make finding a great gift even harder. 

How to select a good gift online for men

Selecting a great gift begins with knowing and understanding your recipient. What are their likes and dislikes? Do they have any hobbies or special interests? Is there anything you could buy that would make their lives easier? 

Once you begin to narrow down this list, you can start looking at what would make a great gift. For example, if your gift recipient is a male with a beard and is into beard care, you could pull on that string.

Why is beard care important? 

a man shaving his beard

If your gift recipient has a beard, it’s very likely they are into beard care. Whether their beard is low, sharply lined, or really thick, beard care is going to be important. 

Good beard care and grooming are necessary for a healthy beard and clean, healthy skin underneath. A well-groomed beard also helps men look and feel better about themselves, adding a level of suave and professionalism to their overall appearance. 

The best gifts for a bearded man in 2022

There are some gifts that a bearded man just won’t refuse. Gifts that are great for personal care and beard grooming are some of them. Here are some products that would make the perfect gift for the bearded man. 

    1. Beard comb/brush - A beard comb is helpful in the grooming process and is great for helping with ingrown hairs. By combing through the hairs, the teeth of the comb are able to pull out hairs that could be ingrown. 
    2. Beard trimmer - A great beard trimmer makes leveling the uneven hairs to form a sleeker look a breeze. A trimmer helps you to get a more precise cut for the beard and gives you a better angle to see the hairs before you trim.
    3. Beard Bar® - One of the most underrated parts of the process of beard grooming is the cleanup once you’re done. Getting rid of all the hair from the skin and bathroom basin can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it must be done. 
Using Mat's Beard Bar to clean washroom sink

Having a tool that can make that process even easier will make the entire beard grooming process enjoyable. 

Mat’s Beard Bar ® is the first-ever beard bar designed to pick up trimmings. It has an anti-microbial sponge that cleans up all beard trimmings after shaving or grooming. And, it’s very simple to use!

Simply dampen the sponge and wipe the areas covered in hair, and aftershave until clean. Once you’re finished, just rinse and go. The small, simple design of the beard bar also makes it easy to fit into small spaces for organizing purposes. 

If you are looking for a gift that a beard lover will absolutely love, you’ve found it with Mat’s Beard Bar®!